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Package Includes:

  • Business Development & Strategy (HD videos)
  • Freelancing Foundation Video Course (HD videos)
  • Personal Branding Course (HD videos)
See Description below for Course contents


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Business Development & Strategy (HD videos):

1. Key Requirements for building a successful business
2. Create a global phenomenon on a low budget
3. Position your brand for strength and flexibility
4. A pyramid tool for evaluvating potential investors
5. The astronaut’s guide to risk mitigation

Freelancing Foundation Video Course (HD videos):

1. Business Basics
2. Marketing Yourself
3. Communication with Clients
4. Selling Your Work
5. Conclusion

Personal Branding Course (HD videos):

1. Personal Branding Basics
2. Personal Brand Content Marketing
3. Monetize Your Personal Brand
4. Press and Speaking Engagements
5. Conclusion
6. Exercise Files for Learning Personal Branding


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